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Blessings Aquarium has been in business for the past 10 years, and it was founded by Richard Peter and Aditee Kashikar; built by aquarium hobbyists for aquarium hobbyists. The main objective of Blessings has since been to provide its clients with quarantined and well conditioned live ornamental freshwater and marine fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants, and to culture a sense of responsible fish keeping in Aquarists for maintaining their fish and aquariums in pristine conditions. Blessings Aquarium takes pride in delivering industry’s finest fish and fish aquarium in Pune at the most competitive and reasonable rates. We have supreme and talented employees who are always ready to help with their knowledge and hard work. Our employees are dedicated to achieve company’s goals by delivering outstanding services. Over the years, we have satisfied large number of clients with beautiful fishes and advanced aquariums. We have wide range of excellent quality and healthy food for fish. It is our duty to keep your fish healthy and give you all the necessary details about their nature, for which, we have employed some of the best intelligent people in our company. Our Accomplishments The satisfaction and the happiness of our customers is reflected in our Just Dial ratings. Our Services The services provided by us include: Service and Consulting for all aquatic systems and ponds. Experts in servicing all aquatic systems: Saltwater Live Reef Freshwater Ponds Extensive collection of fish, coral, invertebrates, and live rock for sale. Large number of fish aquarium and custom-made aquariums, of all sizes, for sale. Different types of fish food, live worms and blood worms for sale. All aquarium related accessories and filters,skimmers,etc. needed for your aquarium, available here.
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